OnePlus Nord CE A Comprehensive Look At The Perfect smartphone


One year since OnePlus boldly stepped into the affordable smartphone market with the very popular OxygenOS 2.0, it’s back with a new flagship device: the OnePlus Nord CE. That from the name stands for the dual-screen smartphone that takes mobile technology to the next level. The dual screen feature is something that the company claims made the difference between its previous device and the newly released model. And that in the name of providing a richer experience for the phone buyer. This means that you’ll get a chance to have a look at two phones on one screen! oneplus nord ce

The good thing about the OnePlus device is that it comes with two screens – one regular screen and the second one, called the virtual screen, which you can use to make notes or even video calls. The reason behind it is that it helps you take advantage of the second display at the same time, so that you can multitask and not lose productivity just because you’re using the regular one. But it does come with a price. The base version of the OnePlus Nord CE comes with free VOIP service. If you’ve got an account with VOIP service provider, the one you’re going to buy is inclusive of it. Otherwise, you have to pay for it separately, as mentioned in the fine print.

As for the actual dimensions of the phone, it’s bigger than that of the iPhone 4S and just slightly smaller than the iPhone 5. It’s also heavier and has a bigger battery compared to the iPhone. With a handset like the one you can conveniently carry it around without thinking about any burden at all, thanks to its large and bright LCD screen.

The camera on the OnePlus Nord CE is one of the best in terms of performance – it records HD video at 30 frames per second and images at the same. So if you’re into those high definition videos, this phone definitely fits your bill perfectly. Apart from the standard camera, the one also comes with a nanny cam, a heart rate monitor, and an LED flashlight. All these features along with a stylish body – which might be made from metal or plastic – and powerful battery make this one of the most popular smartphones today.

For people who are looking for a way to capture professional videos and stills, this is one of the best devices you can get for that. You can easily edit the videos and stills you capture with this phone, thanks to the handy ” gallery ” application present on the device. Another handy feature is the fact that this phone supports both OMAE and ALO video codecs, allowing you to upload videos directly from either source. The OnePlus Nord CE also comes with a free subscription to YouTube, which is very useful if you want to upload some music samples. You can also buy movies from this device’s library.

This smartphone is available for a price of about $400, which is not a cheap mobile. However, its strong performance and great features make it worth every cent. If you’re thinking about buying the OnePlus Nord CE, make sure you buy the original Nordic version as this smartphone does not have the standard Windows operating system installed. The review of the original nord smartphone can be found at my website in the next paragraph.

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